Club Rules and Dress Code

Members, guests, and visitors are respectfully reminded of the expected traditional high standards of dress on the Panmure Course and in the Clubhouse rooms. The Dress Code as outlined below cannot hope to cover all circumstances, but the overriding principles are “smart attire and high standards at all times”.

All members, guests and visitors to the club are kindly reminded not to wear any of the following: collarless shirts, t-shirts, football or rugby shirts, denim jeans, cargo style trousers or shorts or tracksuits.

On The Course and Practice Grounds
Players on the course and practice grounds are expected to maintain a high standard of dress and are required to wear smart golfing attire with spiked or spikeless golf shoes.

• All trousers must be tailored with no external pockets.
• All shirts must have collars, turtle or polo necks and be worn tucked inside trousers or shorts.
• Tailored shorts, with no external pockets are permitted.
• All recognised golfing headwear is acceptable but caps with a peak must be worn with the peak at the front.

• Conventional golf attire including tailored knee length shorts and cropped trousers. Fitted polo shirts may be worn as designed.

In The Clubhouse
Panmure is famed for its tradition and values, and the Board encourages smart attire and high standards at all times. The clubhouse provides three separate rooms with different dress standards required for each one.

• No headwear is permitted in the clubhouse.
• Beach wear is not acceptable.

19th Hole & Terrace
The 19th Hole and terrace is effectively an extension of the Golf Course, where shorts and hoodies are permitted.

Hogan Lounge
Smart casual wear must be worn as a minimum in the Hogan Lounge, and more specifically shorts and waterproofs are not permitted. Ladies are permitted to wear skirts, skorts and capri trousers in the Hogan Lounge. Spikeless golf shoes are allowed but must be free from dirt and grass.

Dalhousie Room
A tailored Jacket and Tie must be worn by Gentlemen at all times, and commensurate non-golfing attire to be worn by Ladies. Smart shoes are required.

Please avoid embarrassing situations by following the code, as no member of staff is permitted to allow any exception to this code. It is the ongoing responsibility of all members to comply with the detail and the spirit of the rules and to ensure that all other members, guests, and visitors do likewise.

The Board reserves the right to specify that more formal dress, i.e., jacket and tie, be worn in the Hogan Lounge by all Gentlemen for Club representative matches, or Social Events. Any exemptions to this dress code must be approved in advance via the General Manager or with consent from the Management Board.

The enclosed dress code is copied from the PGC bye-laws, which was updated at the Annual General Meeting held in November 2023.