ShellThe Coat of Arms of Guarin Le Jeune de Maule, shown below, was incorporated into the Panmure Family Crest. The Escallop shown was adopted by Panmure Golf Club with the gracious permission of the Earl of Dalhousie.
We are often asked by Members, Guests and Visitors alike why our Club uses a scallop shell as its emblem. We are currently working on a detailed history of the Panmure family but below is a brief answer for general interest.

Maule is the family name of the Lords and Earls of Panmure. There are strong associations between the name and Angus with, for example, street names in Monifeith and Carnoustie. Carnoustie is twinned with the town of Maule.

Guarin Le Jeune de Maule came from France with the Normans and indeed may have fought at the Battle of Hastings (1066). His son Robert de Maule accompanied David I to Scotland when he succeeded to the throne in 1124. Sir Thomas Maule (1521 – 1600) was Ambassador to France and fought at the Battles of Hadden Rigg (1542) and Pinkie (1547). Patrick Maule (1585 – 1661) was a courtier to King James VI and Charles I. He was created Earl of Panmure and Lord Maule of Brechin and Navar in 1646 and was granted lands stretching from Fettercairn to the Tay Estuary, including all the land now taken up by Golf Courses.

James Maule, the 4th Earl (1658 – 1723), was a Jacobite who fought at Sheriffmuir, fled to the continent and thus lost the family estates. His nephew, General William Maule (1700-82) returned, became a loyal soldier, bought back the estates and recovered the Earldom. However, dying without children his estates were eventually divided between a cousin George Ramsay, the 8th Earl of Dalhousie (d.1787) and George’s second son, William. In 1782, William assumed the name Maule and was created Baron Panmure of Brechin and Navar, the 1st Lord Panmure.

Some local Gentlemen banded together and leased land from him to create a Golf Course at Monifieth. They named their Club after him. His son, Fox Maule, succeeded his father in 1852. Following the death of Fox’s second cousin, the statesman John Ramsay (1812-60), he became the 11th Earl of Dalhousie and adopted the name Maule Ramsay (1861). Fox Maule Ramsay died childless and the Barony of Panmure became extinct. Panmure Golf Club subsequently purchased land at Barry from Arthur, the 14th Earl of Dalhousie in 1898. He became Captain of the Club in 1907.

Historical information supplied by CJR Philip